below are three examples of the common 6 way pattern worked in cane to create a ‘sunrise’ effect.

cane picure sample

Cane can be worked in a number of different methods.  This is a variation of the 6 way pattern. Some patterns are worked with just 4 layers of cane which, though attractive on arm and rear panels, are generally unsuitable for seats.

repair of damaged cane

It is sometimes possible, if damage to the existing cane is not too great, to repair cane work rather than completely replace it.  The damaged canes are removed and new canes of matching colour are woven into their place.  Please note - the quality of the existing cane is important - if it is very old it may be too brittle for this treatment.

natural saltwater rush picture sample

cane sunrise picture sample 1

cane sunrise picture sample 2

cane sunrise picture sample 3